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Access control

AsaaSoft RFID Access Control varies in three main categories:

Proximity Access Control

With network based or stand alone RFID readers, we can implement very scenario of staff access control for your company controlling under an user-friendly, easy to use and flexible software.

Customer independent Access Control

For some special cases which workers may forget to using their ID card to register their access, it is possible to use AsaaSoft solution with hang-up tagas free from direct manual operation. So stockholders will not worry about staff mistakes. This solution also can be used for zone based personnel tracking.

Car Access Control

ID Card Proximity Based Access Control

Many companies like to integrate RFID with little change in their business. So it is preferable for them to make maximum use of current proximity card of personnel for other tasks like library, restaurant, car access control and etc. Asaasoft have made some esay mounting stations to use before barrier to identification and validate car drivers and let them have a controlled and registered traffic. Contact us for more information including brochure and extra information.

Windshield Based Access Control

Automatic Control Technology with associated Software is an ideal solution for small to large scale companies. RFID Tags on the vehicle will make it possible for the vehicle driver to automate the in and out privileges and transfer data to the software. This intelligent parking lot system is composed of RFID tags (for the vehicles), readers stationed around entry and exit points, applications software (that can be customized for your specific needs). The system is flexible to allow a human interference, if necessary, to be able to accommodate unusual events such as when the