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AsaaSoft's Softwares can be devided into two main categories:

  • Domestic Officail Softwares

This type of softwares has beed widly produced by our staffs and is used in many Iranian companies. For example there are Accounting, Time Attendance, Inventory management, Asset Managment and etc softwares produced until now. AsaaSoft also offers Total solution software for incorporation and companies covering all of the company needs with a unique and consistent interface with minimum data redundancy and conflict.

  • RFID Based integrated Softwares

Thanks to AsaaSoft RFID specialists, it is possible to develop and integrate RFID based softwares for customers. For example AsaaSoft has developed RFID Parking and car access control soluion, Patrol solution, Asset Management software and etc until now and has new orders every month from various companies about RFID based case based projects.


We are also provide Iranian market with tested high quality RFID based hardwares such as Readers and Tags in different frequencies. Regard to low iranian currency value in comparision with Dollar and Euro, we prefer to prepare low cost devices as much as possible. So we offer Taiwan devices to our customers beside high quality USA or Europe devices in order to support him or her with best possible offers. So if your company can provide us with RFID devices with acceptable competitive price and quality, plz do not hesitate to contact us. Every frequency and diversity is appreciated. Because we have a great collection of RFID devices and Tags according to our customers needs.