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Based on our customers solution needs we provide RFID hardwares, Readers and Tags, form different suppliers according to our previous cooperation and tests. As RFID ranges wide across different frequencies and applications, we sholud be in contact with many suppliers. Also regard to Iran's market conditions, only few number of high qulity high price products have the potential to be presented to Iranian customers. So we are seeking for alternative low cost products with acceptable performance. If you can provide us with such products plz contact us by RFID{at}AsaaSoft{dot}net

Below is some of the our partners .Our ralationship type is various from partnership and distribution to reselling:


 GAO RFID Inc. One of the world's most influential suppliers of RFID products, covering RFID tags, readers and software and integrated solutions for various vertical markets. GAO RFID emphasizes product quality.


 STIDSTid was established in 1996 and boasts 15 years experience specializing in RFID. STid designs, produces and sells innovative RFID readers and tags for high security personal identification (access control…), long range vehicle identification (Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), car park applications, fleet management…) and product identification in demanding environments (aerospace, health industry, railways…). STid offers a full range of RFID products at all frequencies, for all chip technologies and compliant with international standards.

 BusinessEffectBusiness Effect is a provider of integrated systems and solutions that automate supply chain processes by exploiting the latest advances in object identification technologies through Barcodes and/or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Barco-flexiray Barco has been operating on the IT market since 1993. Since its beginning it has been focused on auto-ID and AIDC systems based on barcoding and RFID technology and its integration into existing ERP systems. As the system integrator in this area Barco offer integrated portfolio of services - analyses and design, supply and deployment of mobile terminals, barcode scanners and their accessories, development of software equipment for terminals, development of customer tailor-made software for data collection and processing from terminals, supply of barcode printers and their integration into existing system, labels printout, expendable supplies and full customer after sales service. 


 Established in 1990, SYRIS Technology Corp., a Taiwan based company with over 15-year  experience in integration of Security, Access Control System and is especially dedicated on  R&D and production. Being a leading company, they successfully establish global sales channels and promote their brand, SYRIS, in worldwide market. 
SYRIS has been committed to supplying zero-defect products to become the client's priority selection. SYRIS has sound regulations for production quality control and testing. Moreover, it has passed ISO9001 certification, facilitating to place its own niche in meeting client's demand in quality.